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Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Collection
It is not only the name, which gives our products an aura of adventure and a sense of independence. It is the influence by the stories and the legendary great names of those, who tell these stories. Narrators being nobody less than T. E. Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia), Che Guevara, Ewan McGregor or Riley Harper, most of them who have almost traveled to the end of the world on their motorcycles. Should one travel through time they would certainly notice one thing and that is that their clothes were and are from Belstaff.
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Belstaff Pure Motorcycle Men »

Belstaff Founders Collection


With the models presented at international fashion fairs in 2015, the Belstaff Founders Collection is more than just a strategy to go back to the roots of the cult label. In recent years, many designers’ hands have tried to reflect the spirit of the label. After Martin Cooper, now the hands of Frederik Dhyr present the well-known cuts with very finest materials. Fortunately, they have abstained from excessive luxury. Convincing is this simple, familiar and yet new interpretation.

Belstaff Founders Collection
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Belstaff Spring/Summer 2016 Belstaff Spring/Summer 2016

Belstaff Spring/Summer 2016

Spring/Summer 2016 Women » Spring/Summer 2016 Men »
Bestaff clothes are not only of unique quality. Materials used, such as finest horse leather, comfortably soft suede, hand-waxed cotton with alcantara lining or oiled sheep leather, are simple yet exquisite. Discover the new Belstaff collections.

Belstaff Beckham Outlaws

Belstaff Beckham Outlaws


The collection inspired and branded by Beckham, the models unique. Reduced Cafe Racer Look, accompanied by the finest materials with a style partially created by Beckham’s hands, but which also continues the tradition of the brand Belstaff. The highlight of Beckham’s Belstaff intermezzo is the trailer "Outlaws", one of the executive producers being Liv Tyler.
Therefore, the Outlaw Jacket is already a highlight of the Collection 2016.

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The New Luxury Items

Matchless - The Innovator since 1899

Kate Moss for Matchless


Also legendary in spring 2016, the Matchless Kate Moss Selection. The continuation of "Iconic Wear" is not a remake of previous models. It is about promising future classics as well as timeless, urban down-to-earth models that come across with a simple but present charm. These models are the focus of the Kate Collection and determine the trend of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Matchless Spring 2016
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Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman


While human kind is still wondering whether the omnipotence of Superman (Henry Cavill) is either a curse or a blessing, Batman is taking action (Ben Affleck) supported by Butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons). At the same time, a new threat in shape of the genius businessman Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) arises, which could weld together the two superheroes.

Discover unique pieces from the mega-blockbuster at Gotlands.

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Gotlands Chelsea Boots & Bomber

Gotlands Chelsea Boots & Bomber

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Bomber jackets and chelsea boots have been accompanying us since the 30's. Hardly anyone still either thinks of the US American models B-15 or MA-1, as the cult jackets, either in classical nylon or made of the finest leather, have reached and well-established themselves in the shelves of our luxury brand. They are independent of age and can be combined across all collections as an all-time favorite. They have simply become indispensable for many.

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The Gotlands shop was founded in the central Hesse city of Gießen at the beginning of 2005.
Our intention was to be able to offer a wide range of classic Belstaff brand models.

We obviously came along at exactly the right time. After a short period the still very small shop at the time was piled high with boxes.
Belstaff was already a brand with a history.
Ernesto Che Guevara wore his legendary Trialmaster jacket during a motorbike trip through South America in the 1950s.
Thomas Edward Lawrence, famous as Lawrence of Arabia, British secret agent and author, was the owner of a Belstaff jacket.
Even the Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, was photographed in a variety of magazines in his "Free Tibet" Belstaff jacket.
At this time we had the chance to considerably extend the retail space in one go. Today we now use the small room where it all started as a photo studio.

At the same time Belstaff marketed a variety of its models in various Hollywood films.
Belstaff initially gained access to the world of cinema at the time with Hollywood legend George Clooney. All cinema models sold in Germany found their way to
our store in Gießen. Film jackets from the film strips War of the Worlds, I am Legend, Aviator, Benjamin Button and many more blockbusters made the start. In total there were over 80 films represented on the list of cinema fittings by Belstaff by 2010.

The brand quickly became a cult label for stars and starlets. At first there were only George Clooney, Will Smith and Leonardo di Caprio, but soon to be followed
by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Ewan McGregor in the circle of enthusiastic Belstaff fans. In 2008 we directly supplied jackets from our store to the set for Mira Nair’s filming of Amelia Earhardt with Hillary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor as leading actors.

Offering fashion with history, wearing a jacket that lasts a lifetime and in so doing setting ourselves apart from the consumer market that empties the wardrobes of
fashion-conscious trendsetters in each collection just to replenish them again was one of our aims. We wanted to live a vision which had already become part of international fashion shows.

With the sale of our models we planned relevant projects in cooperation with various organisations. In this way, for example, and after long negotiations our school in Bangladesh finally became reality in 2009.
After a 4-year sponsoring period of the school building and the teacher and school fees, our school was recognised by the state.
With this campaign we wanted to make a small mark in the fashion world.

We discovered the following request by the Roman philosopher Seneca (1-65 after Christ) to his contemporaries: no one can lead a happy life if he
thinks only of himself and turns everything to his own purposes.
Today Gotland organises and supports various projects in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. When buying our products you are not only acquiring outstanding fashion, often with cult status, but you are also directly supporting our charitable commitment.
Seneca also has an opinion on this: he that does good to another does good also to himself.