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Leatherjackets from Belstaff - Tradition meets Style

It is not only the name Belstaff, which gives our products an aura of freedom. It is the stories and the legendary names of those, who tell these stories. Narrators being nobody less than Lawrence of Arabia, Che Guevara or Ewan McGregor, most of them who have almost traveled to the end of the world on their bikes. Should one travel through time they would certainly notice that their clothes were and are from Belstaff.
Belstaff Gangster Wax Ladies' Blouson, racing blue
Belstaff Gangster Wax Ladies' Blouson, racing blue
Belstaff Trialmaster Jacke für Damen, dark navy
Belstaff Trialmaster Jacket Lady, dark navy
Belstaff Journey Jacket Man, mountain
Belstaff Journey Jacket Man, mountain
Belstaff Finley Lady Boot, cognac
Belstaff Finley Lady Boot, cognac
Belstaff Newington Boot Lady, black
Belstaff Newington Boot Lady, black
Belstaff Gangster 2.0 Jacket Man, burnished gold
Belstaff Gangster 2.0 Jacket Man, burnished gold
Belstaff Lederjacke Trialmaster Panther für Herren, blackbrown (front)
Belstaff Trialmaster Panther 2.0 Jacket Man, blackbrown

Belstaff- The History of a
Traditional brand

In 1924, Harry Grosberg founded the Brand Belstaff in Stoke on Trent, England. The original product line consisted of waterproof garments for men and women. In the thirties, they started selling windproof and water-repellent outdoor clothing for bikers, pilots and soldiers. Belstaff became a fashion icon with the famous models Trialmaster, Panther and Gangster.

Over the years, celebrities from sports, politics, culture and showbiz have been characterising the unique, authentic style of the Englisch classic brand. No matter whether you choose cotton or leather, the legendary waxed outdoor-jackets represent nowadays the centrepiece and the soul of the current collection. Convince yourself!

Legends of our Collections: The Classic Panther, Gangster and Trailmaster

With a new, stylish interpretation of their most popular classic jackets Panther, Gangster and Trailmaster Belstaff creates an additional furore. Since the sixties, the famous Trailmaster jacket has been considered as the epitome of Belstaff-history as first waxed cotton jacket with the classic four-pocket-design. The hand-waxed Belstaff leather jacket Panther, made from extra strong leather, was first offered in 1969. The Gangster, however, is characterised by its timelessly cool look: buckled collar, snap placket closure and functional breast pockets. Real legends and their new interpretation

Belstaff Fashion is a lifestyle-Fashion with a timeless Urban Chic

Belstaff Fashion is a lifestyle-Fashion with a timeless Urban Chic Today the name Belstaff stands for high-quality luxury fashion, inspired by British country-style and modern urbanity. With this traditional brand women and men who prefer an exquisite clothing style, will be able to find an impressive range of sportive fashion with classic aspiration. The Belstaff style is characterised by the clear cut and high-quality features.

Elaborately designed pockets and collars, waist belts, sophisticated seams and metal details assign a trendy character to the model of the classic brand. Earthy and muted colours as well as the typical check-lining help to ensure a timeless appearance to the luxury fashion. Innovativ materials such as rubberised-cotton and waxed leather make the collection a tough companion, all the more so as it is becoming more beautiful through the years by the patina.
Belstaff - The History of the First
In 1924, Harry Grosberg founded Belstaff in Victoria Place, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire in the English Midlands.
The original product line consisted of waterproof garments for men and women. For the company logo a portrait of a Phoenix rising up was chosen as a symbol of the continuity through the times in the good and bad fate.
The famous Trialmaster jacket has been worn by generations of motorcycle enthusiasts from famous champions such as Sammy Miller and Phil Read, who always wore it when competing in Grand Prix races in wet weather, to legendary names such as Ernesto Che Guevara who used it during his motorcycle journey across Latin America.
The traditional manufacturing processes was retained out of love and respect for the English tradition,
which is why Belstaff jackets hold their value. Unfortunately the English textile industry crisis involved Belstaff as well, who were obliged to close the Stoke-on-Trent factory in 1991.
Everything seem to be over, but, thanks to some clients and some technicians firm intention not to let the Mythos die, the production went on.
Responsibility of collection design was given to Franco Malenotti.
In 1996 Franco Malenotti founded Clothing Company in order to speed up Belstaff return to the tops.
In 2002, the joint venture with the Italian company began to bear fruit also at European level and Belstaff regained an high profile in markets where for many years it had been the uncontested leader.

In 2004, Belstaff International Ltd. was taken over by the Clothing Company.
This was also the year in which Belstaff celebrated its 80th anniversary with the launch of a special collection, the 80th Anniversary Collection.
During that period, Belstaff's apparel aroused a great deal of interest in the USA and the garments were continually requested for many of the most popular films, such as Batman Begins, Blade Trinity, Ocean's Twelve, War of the Worlds to mention just a few.
The Aviator by Belstaff Collection, inspired by
original apparel in Belstaff's museum, has been launched in 2005. The Aviator by Belstaff Collection, made with respect for the original materials to ensure maximum authenticity, were chosen by Miramax for the costumes of the film The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Ballistic Fabric from the Delta Force collection was used in 2006 to make the extraordinary M Blouson,
as worn by Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3 and which he personally put through unbelievable wear and tear. Other famous stars, including Nicole Kidman, Mark Wahlberg, Scarlett Johansson, James Marsden, Ewan McGregor, Kevin Spacey and many others also rely on the quality of Belstaff products for their image and protection.

Famous singers such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Ricky Martin, Jamie Foxx and Black Eyed Peas use Belstaff items
in their private life and in the video clips.
The opening of a flagship store in the London west end marks the "return" of Belstaff to the top.
The ancient Phoenix legend, represented on the company logo, continues and the re-birth is complete.

Belstaff remains the only custodian of the tradition of waterproof and protective motorcycle wear. A wealth of knowledge, technique, fashion and design.