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Terms of Use

Trademarks and brand names used belong to their respective owners. Any reprint, copying, including parts, of the contents, images and diagrams and any imitation of the web design, even partial, is not permissible without prior express approval of the management and the author. Any person who uses or imitates the design work (even as an extract), violates copyright law. This will result in criminal proceedings.

By using the web page you accept the following regulations: legally protected trademarks and copyrights are not specially marked on all pages. Brands and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective owner. These pages have been carefully prepared. However, if errors have occurred, the publisher does not accept any liability. Use of services offered is made at your own risk. Liability or guarantee for use of our services and contents and their availability is not assumed. Also, we do not accept any responsibility for the contents of the web pages to which we link, and for contents in sectors in which entries are automatically made by users (link lists, forums, surveys, guest books etc.). If you discover any contents which violate against pertinent law or in which the rights of third parties are violated, please inform us by email, so that we can inspect such contents. Liability note: Despite careful checking of contents, we do not accept any liability for the contents of external links. The operators of the external links are exclusively responsible for the contents of the linked pages.