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Gotlands Presents - The Matchless Movie Collection

Captain America - Civil War Edition

Captain America - Civil War

The civil war has begun, it's time to pick a side

The US State Department demands that the Avengers’ superheroes will in future work under the order of the United Nations. While Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) intends to follow this order, Captain America ( Chris Evans ) is not willing to accept this command. When video footage of an attack on the United Nations appears, showing Winter Soldier ( Sebastian Stan ), Captain America decides to take action and hereby opposes some of his companions.

Discover the outfits of the top acts.

Matchless Natasha Jacket with Belt Matchless Captain Jacket Celebration
Matchless Falcon Jacket

Matchless presents Batman v Superman - The Dawn of Justice Edition

Batman v Superman


While human kind is still wondering whether the omnipotence of Superman (Henry Cavill) is either a curse or a blessing, Batman is taking action (Ben Affleck) supported by Butler Alfred (Jeremy Irons).

At the same time, a new threat in shape of the genius businessman Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) arises, which could weld together the two superheroes.

Discover unique pieces from the mega-blockbuster at Gotlands.

Matchless Bruce Wayne Jacket Limited Edition Matchless Clark Kent Blouson Jacket Limited Edition

Matchless Star Wars Collection

The most legendary space saga of all times continues with Star Wars 7. 30 years after the victory over Darth Vader and the Empire, the galaxy is once again in danger.

Terminator: Genisys


Matchless Terminator Jacket
Terminator: Genisys

A timeless style, appealing details and a sensational background. The Terminator Jacket with large front pockets, characteristically Matchless leather covered buttons most definitely has what it takes to become a classic. Time will tell whether this will be the case.
We are very pleased to present to you this Arni-Icon in time for the movie release of Terminator Genisys.

The Avengers - Age of Ultron

The Avengers - Age of Ultron


In this sequel the Avengers fight the army of Baron Strucker (Thomas Kretschmann), to get to Loki's (Tom Hiddleston) scepter. It again stars the whole crew of S.H.I.E.L.D: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) and Captain America (Chris Evans). All of them have nothing less to do than to save the world from the alien threat by the Chitauri.

Avengers - Black Widow

Black Widow - Natasha Belted Blouson

The original rider’s Blouson in soft blue Nabuk. Lapel collar, two slider zipper fastening on side, two vertical pockets on the front bottom with zip and one small pocket on the front bottom with flap and button, waist belt and zip on wrists to adjust wearability. Perfect shape, feminine and aggressive at the same time.
Avengers - Thor

Thor - Thor Trench

Trench coat made of Matchless Leather, calf Leather treated with natural waxes, according to a patented system, strong and very resistant, soft hand, very comfortable and waterproof. It keeps its main features during the time and over time becomes even more attractive. Fast release neck strap to open easily while riding, central zipper fastening with flap and button fastening front pockets on the bottom for easy use while riding. Waist belts, button fastening on wrists and central back vent.

Liam Neeson - Run all night

Liam Neeson in Run All Night


Brooklyn mobster and prolific hit man Jimmy Conlon (Neeson), once known as The Gravedigger, has seen better days.
Longtime best friend of mob boss Shawn Maguire (Harris), Jimmy, now 55, is haunted by the sins of his past—as well as a dogged police detective who’s been one step behind Jimmy for 30 years.
Lately, it seems Jimmy’s only solace can be found at the bottom of a whiskey glass. But when Jimmy’s estranged son, Mike (Kinnaman), becomes a target, Jimmy must make a choice between the crime family he chose and the real family he abandoned long ago.
With Mike on the run, Jimmy’s only penance for his past mistakes may be to keep his son from the same fate Jimmy is certain he’ll face himself…at the wrong end of a gun.
Now, with nowhere safe to turn, Jimmy just has one night to figure out exactly where his loyalties lie and to see if he can finally make things right.

text courtesy of Matchless


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The Gotlands shop was founded in the central Hesse city of Gießen at the beginning of 2005.
Our intention was to be able to offer a wide range of classic Belstaff brand models.

We obviously came along at exactly the right time. After a short period the still very small shop at the time was piled high with boxes.
Belstaff was already a brand with a history.
Ernesto Che Guevara wore his legendary Trialmaster jacket during a motorbike trip through South America in the 1950s.
Thomas Edward Lawrence, famous as Lawrence of Arabia, British secret agent and author, was the owner of a Belstaff jacket.
Even the Buddhist leader, the Dalai Lama, was photographed in a variety of magazines in his "Free Tibet" Belstaff jacket.
At this time we had the chance to considerably extend the retail space in one go. Today we now use the small room where it all started as a photo studio.

At the same time Belstaff marketed a variety of its models in various Hollywood films.
Belstaff initially gained access to the world of cinema at the time with Hollywood legend George Clooney. All cinema models sold in Germany found their way to
our store in Gießen. Film jackets from the film strips War of the Worlds, I am Legend, Aviator, Benjamin Button and many more blockbusters made the start. In total there were over 80 films represented on the list of cinema fittings by Belstaff by 2010.

The brand quickly became a cult label for stars and starlets. At first there were only George Clooney, Will Smith and Leonardo di Caprio, but soon to be followed
by Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Ewan McGregor in the circle of enthusiastic Belstaff fans. In 2008 we directly supplied jackets from our store to the set for Mira Nair’s filming of Amelia Earhardt with Hillary Swank, Richard Gere and Ewan McGregor as leading actors.

Offering fashion with history, wearing a jacket that lasts a lifetime and in so doing setting ourselves apart from the consumer market that empties the wardrobes of
fashion-conscious trendsetters in each collection just to replenish them again was one of our aims. We wanted to live a vision which had already become part of international fashion shows.

With the sale of our models we planned relevant projects in cooperation with various organisations. In this way, for example, and after long negotiations our school in Bangladesh finally became reality in 2009.
After a 4-year sponsoring period of the school building and the teacher and school fees, our school was recognised by the state.
With this campaign we wanted to make a small mark in the fashion world.

We discovered the following request by the Roman philosopher Seneca (1-65 after Christ) to his contemporaries: no one can lead a happy life if he
thinks only of himself and turns everything to his own purposes.
Today Gotland organises and supports various projects in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. When buying our products you are not only acquiring outstanding fashion, often with cult status, but you are also directly supporting our charitable commitment.
Seneca also has an opinion on this: he that does good to another does good also to himself.